Difference between AMR and Raidbots on the specific example

How can you explain, that mr.Robots suggestion goes in the opposite way of Raidbots’?
First i looked how to improve myself on AMR, then i wanted to prove it on Raidbot and i got two totally different opinions. Raidbot’s is more “mainstream”, i gues. I often get different results, but this time it is quite critical and i cannot decide what to pick for the start of the raid. AMR offers more flexible and rotaion friendly build, but if tryhard raidbots seems better.

So now facts - i can’t decide between those 4 trinkets image
and those conduits

  • Ice Bite
  • Icy Propulsion

That’s what i get from AMR * picture deleted * * link deleted *
And here is Raidbots * picture deleted * * link deleted *

Here are my inputs:
Raidbots (Simc) https://pastebin.com/pXigUy6v
AMR https://pastebin.com/J6jw6avm

What do you think? Is my english good enough to explain? ^^
P.S. I’ve put a lot of pictures for everything, but wasn’t allowed to post it, so changed them with some links :c
P.S.S Come ooon, i can not even put some links here!
Well, than i will put them afterwards, i hope

Link and picture for AMR result

Link and pricture for Raidbots

So far I haven’t been able to figure out why simc simulates icy propulsion as a bigger single target dps gain than we do. It would only have a lot of value if you were able to get another icy veins use during the fight - so how good it is will be highly variable. I think that Ice Bite is a better all around pick if you are looking at how much damage you can do a in a single target encounter. For mythic+ where you are looking at damage across the whole zone, icy propulsion is the way to go - and I’m pretty sure our simulator/optimizer agree with those assessments.

I’m going to stick by my guns here and say that Ice Bite is the better pick for single target damage.

We recently added an implementation for the Inscrutable Quantum Device in the simulator. I don’t think that data has made its way to the optimizer yet. That item can be good - but it’s also highly variable in some situations. If you post your snapshot id (use the help link above the gear table to create one) we can look at your particular case in our simulator.

Misfiring Centurion Controller looks really basic to me. My guess on the trinkets is that we have more robust handling of two on-use trinkets than simc, so using simc will tend to favor only one on-use trinket. I can’t figure out why they’d suggest quantum device over empyreal ordinance though - that seems suspect to me.

We’ll keep an eye on these things. The rankings always get at least one revision after blizzard messes with balance first week of raiding.

Snapshot: f217eee1196346e0b66f57a81121bf64
I think, icy propulsion depends really much on fight length. In Raidbots you can customize it. Is there such an option in AMR?

Additionally, my worries are about the tiers of my conduits.
Icy propulsion is 184 ilvl and Ice bite is only 171. That is not a big difference for conduits, but could also be important.

The optimizer uses a standard fight length - 270s for single target. Keep in mind that the optimizer is not the same as a simulator. The optimizer is our mathematical model based on simulation results.

Raidbots is a web interface for simc - there is no optimizer or calculations going on. We also have a web interface for our simulator that you can use to do simulations with different settings: https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator

In your case here is what BiB recommends:

And here is what raidbots recommends:

Our model, of course, prefers the result that simulates better with our simulator.

If you change the fight to 300 seconds, then you would see Icy Propulsion pull ahead, and also you would see the trinket recommendations change a bit as well:


The length of the fight matters a lot for a number of these effects and items, especially cooldown reduction. That is why I think Ice Bite is the better all around choice unless you are working on a particular progression boss in which you are right at that threshold where you get an extra use of Icy Veins.

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Thank you a lot for your reply - it is great. I am totaly satisfied and know what to do for next steps. I hope you will succeed in overwhelming Raidbots :slight_smile:

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