Different BIB when naked versus wearing gear

A few weeks ago I reported a problem where BIB recommended two significantly different sets of gear depending on whether I exported from AskMrRobot add-on while wearing gear versus naked. I believe it was a 7 item difference between the two recommendations. I haven’t heard back, so figured I would post through the forums versus Contact Us.

This morning I tried again to use BIB while wearing gear versus naked, and it again recommended a subtle gem swap between two pieces of items but still a different recommendation.

My question is whether we should be removing all of our gear for BIB to get a more accurate recommendation.

It’s better to start from appropriate gear rather than naked, or gear for a different spec.

There are a lot of possible combinations of gear in your bags that are potentially viable, usually in the trillions. We use an optimization algorithm that can search through those combinations and find one that is the best, or near the best, in a very short amount of time.

In order to make the search fast, you simply cannot do an exhausting search – you have to do an intelligent search that has a very high probability of finding the best set, or something extremely close to the best set. For best-in-bags, one “hint” we give the simulator is your current starting gear, since most people start from a set of gear that is pretty good. If you change your current gear, sometimes it can find a slightly different answer.

In general, the sets of gear it finds should be extremely similar in value – there are many sets of gear that are essentially equal for most players. We try to find one of those as fast as possible.

Thank you yellowfive

@yellowfive Responded earlier on my bus into work, so was quick. I reread your response and felt like you spent time thinking about what you were doing and I short changed you on a quick “thank you” so my apologies for that. Now that I’m at home and reading it now, your response makes more sense. My guild is … well… we want to push Mythic with a group of people who have a hard time pushing Heroic so it requires some of us to min/max. Is there some way we can use your download client to crunch the numbers that would cause slowness on your end? My guild is getting Mistress to 2%, and I keep feeling that if I could squeak just 5% more damage than we could drop her!!! Do you have any input besides “get good” because at this point that is what I’m leaning towards as a response to myself.