Disc Priest Best in Bags selected Shadow-only Azerite traits

I leveled a priest as Shadow and kept Discipline as a second spec so I could also build a healing set as I went. I find myself playing more as Discipline now, so I dragged the Discipline spec to the top of the list.

The optimizer is recommending the “Death Throes” azerite trait, which can only be selected in Shadow spec, but also recommends Discipline healing traits like “Enduring Luminescence”.

Is this a problem with dragging the specs into different orders, or is there a problem with azerite trait selection for Disc spec?

This is intended behaviour as the damage increase of that trait does work for Discipline - and even affects Purge the Wicked.

Ok thanks, that is helpful! In game I can’t select that trait as Discipline. So I need to select it while in Shadow spec, wear it while in Disc spec, and the trait will still provide the damage increase?

Yes, that is how it works.