Disc Priest M+ Stat priorities

First I would like to say a huge thank you to the dev here. As a long time data analyst/software engineer , I understand how much time and the difficulty that goes into making a tool like this. It truly is fantastic.

With that said, I am a disc priest that is focusing on M+ content. What I have been battling with is the tool has a very hard preference to Mastery over haste. If I followed the tools recommendations, I would be at 6% haste 30% + mastery.

I would normally trust this but most guides recommend int > haste, with mastery coming in as our least valuable stat.

The current top M+ disc healers are at minimum 20% haste, while not ignoring mastery all together.

Seeking any guidance on this.

Thank you in advance.

Could you use the help link to generate a snapshot id and post that for us? With that I can see your particular case.

By default, we have the gearing strategy set to only consider healing output, which can make mastery decent. I would assume most other sources are taking into account damage output quite a bit, in which case haste becomes more valuable. If you push the slider on the gearing strategy more towards DPS it would get more haste.

Just looking at BiS for mythic+, I’m not seeing it trying to get much mastery, which is why I’d have to see your specific case to comment further.

Thanks for the help with this Swol!

Snapshot id: df6fe93bbd6f4f249ce9a42e78687ab4