Disc Priest - Mix of T8 + T10 set?

Suggested to remove T9 and replace with 2 T10 and 2T8 set,
Also how can i customise my stats as I prefer spell power over intell and MP5


If you do not want to gear for mp5, you need to set it up so that you aren’t mana-limited. Right now you have very few raid buffs/debuffs/consumables selected. Add in something that gives you more mana and also reduce the length of the fight.

Think of the fight length as a section of time you will be healing as much as possible. If you don’t want to gear for mp5, you need that section of healing to be short enough to not blow through your mana.

Even changing that, you aren’t going to see BiB maximize your spell power. This is because your higher item level items don’t have a lot of spell power, but they do have haste, which can also be valuable in a situation where you are not mana-limited.

As far as the set goes - you have a custom spell breakdown set that is making the T9 set less attractive. You need to increase the amount of spell casts that are prayer of healing and reduce the ones that are prayer of mending. The T10 is being picked simply because it is high item level.

Here is a setup that gets you closer to what your preferences are:

The calculations are not going to pick your current setup as being optimal in any case - I have it maximizing the total healing you can do in the given time or with the given mana pool, whichever is the limiter. It won’t go to a solution that does not satisfy one of those constraints. You can always lock in one of your items that has more spell power if that is what you prefer instead of maximizing total healing per second/mana.

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I’ll have a play around, thank you for replying!