Disc priest showing incorrect stat weights

Hi all,

When using the AMR best in bags function, the algorithm suggests maxing out vers and then crit instead of haste and then crit as seen here.

I know that haste is the most important secondary stat, followed by crit, mastery, and then vers, however, I cannot get AMR to display and suggest the correct stat weights for disc raid healing. It seems when I change the healing mode to mythic+ it prefers haste, however, it then recommends more M+ centred azerite traits.

Running the ‘gear check’ function on a generic character discipline priest also yields the same results.

Running the ‘best in slow’ function on my personal character recommends prioritizing haste>mastery>crit>vers.

I know people have asked this question before, yet I still find inconsistency between the different functions within AMR, one suggesting vers, another haste. Given the stat weights don’t change, how is it that there is this discrepancy, and why is it that vers is being stacked so heavily given it has the lowest stat weight?


AMR doesn’t adopt a “this is what you must have” approach to stat. balance… it offers you a variety of options that work equally as well despite not conforming to the ethos that every other site advocates.

I don’t think incorrect is the way to appraise what you’re seeing… more a case of different - not always a bad thing.

The favored stats are going to depend on what talents you have chosen. Not all talent combos will favor Haste as one of the high priority stats. Combos with Schism generally favor more haste. Also combos with Shadow Covenant.

For healers, there are many different ways to gear that will work very well. We use a robust method to find and suggest one viable way to gear. It might not be the flavor of the month, though.

If you are using Best in Bags, you can use the “customize” feature to push the optimizer towards your preferred traits and stats.

Thanks for the reply.

I had specced into a damage heavy build, running schism/solace as seen in the first screenshot, and tested out both the raw damage against a raid target dummy and the HPS in normal BoD just to experiment with both the haste and vers builds.

The results favoured heavily in the favour of stacking haste - the raw damage from stacking vers was higher, however the amount I could pump out was significantly less with such a reduced amount of haste.

It’s not matter though, my main spec is holy, and the gear calculator works perfectly for that :slight_smile: still a huge fan of AMR.

Have a great day!