Discard as duplicate vs potential catalyst choice: suggestion

snapshot: 197f40d285e44d1682ed5da8fa5b37b5

I have two Rousing Earth Striders at the same ilvl and worst in bags understandably suggests discarding the duplicate. However, in this case the top use of catalyst for me would be to convert one of them to a set piece (which I don’t have yet).

This might be overly complex, but it might be nice to check whether there’s a set piece at the same or higher ilvl before suggesting as duplicate.

We can take a look at adding a check for that.

As we move closer to the next expansion, we have plans to beef up some of the features related to item upgrades and the catalyst. This expansion has doubled down on “everything can be upgraded” which makes gear decisions a bit tougher, and it seems that these systems are here to stay going forward.

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