Discipline priest

Hey guys!
First of all, thank you for AMR!
But I have troubles with my discipline priest suggestions, 1st of all this is traits… I pinned best, but AMR tells me to use another A- tier or B-tier, but I have S - tier

2nd - stats, if we look at warcraft logs all top dis priests use crit or something else, but AMR suggests everything to make in versality.
Please, take a look at disc priests

Versatility is generally under-valued by other sources because it has value that can’t be “seen” by meters, etc. We measure all of its value, so it ends up slightly higher than other people would put it.

I can look into ranking Death Throes for Discipline. I don’t think that I am right now. I don’t agree that it should be an S-Tier trait, but I’ll make sure it gets a ranking.

We use a different method to rank gear for healers - we created a healing simulator. You will see different suggestions from us than other sources for healers as a result. I can say for sure that our gear suggestions are good and will enable you to be successful in raids and dungeons. Healing has a lot of variation - there isn’t going to be just one way to gear that is always best or worst. It’s ok that we don’t have the same suggestions. Players use what we recommend and heal very well!

My friend, I’m active raider and have a lot of parts of azerite armor 415-430, but AMR tells to wear 400 armor. I love AMR, but sometimes I think it doesn’t work

Azerite traits have caused a lot of crazy things to happen with gearing. Especially with healers… there is so much “fuzz” in what gear can work well - it’s really hard to create rankings that are always going to be intuitive to people. Especially with 8.2, I’m seeing the actual item level matter less sometimes. A lot of this has to do with how so much gear now has flat healing procs that don’t interact with stats or azerite traits that affect your class abilities. Lower item level items that have “generic” traits that just give stats can often end up being more desirable.

As you get more and more of the 8.2 gear, you’re going to see spec-specific traits become less and less desirable. In my opinion, this is a flaw in the gear design of BfA.

We’re going to add in more customization options for people - one that we’re thinking about is a way to favor item level much more heavily.