Discord server location

i cant find the link to the discord server anywhere on the website can someone link it

I sent the link to you – if you’re looking for technical support, or want to discuss theorycraft, or the website, or WoW in general – we do all of that on this forum instead of discord.

If you just want to hang out and chat with some of the people in our discord, that’s mainly what it’s for.

Can you send me your discord please (:blush:

I could not find the discord info as well.

Any chance of a Discord link also?

Here is a temporary link you guys can use for the discord:

Just FYI, we are not big into discord, which is why we don’t have an easy to find link. We much prefer the forum and our blog to interact with people. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see much talk in the discord - we’re usually too busy working to talk much there!

Thanks man, just nice to have all things that i keep an eye on in one place :wink:

the link aint working anymore