Discrepancy between BiB and AMR simulator


My best in bags output is giving me a gear setup that supposedly is giving me a dps increase but when I simulate that gear setup in the AMR simulator I see a decrease in dps. Can I get an explanation for this discrepancy? Is the best in bags or AMR simulator most likely correct?


Best in bags simulation: Not Available

Current gear simulation: Not Available

That’s only a 1.45% difference but to answer your question completely the AMR team will need your addon export, the one you copy from the game and paste into the web page.
Also include your spec order, and if ST or AoE is first, etc.

That’s actually a really interesting question… is the simulator or the BiB result “better”?

The optimizer takes a whole bunch of simulation data and then smooths it out. The simulator can compare any setups you want, but the results are “noisy”. When the differences are small, we’d argue that using either tool is similarly useful/correct. You could argue about what “small” is… but anything less than 2% I’d pretty safely group into the “small” category.

An example we like to give is: Simulate your gear. Now, add 5 haste rating to your gear and simulate again. Sometimes it will give you a higher result, sometimes lower. But, you KNOW that adding stats to your gear never results in a DPS loss. The optimizer would always tell you that the set with 5 haste is better. So, in this kinda silly, extreme example you can see how the optimizer can potentially be “better” even if it doesn’t necessarily match simulations exactly.