Display on a 25" dsplay

When i use AMR on my 26" display maximized to look whats best in bags, i cant see the enchants on the “existing” gear (enchants for left side gear is hidden). that is annoying as the page itself have like 3" black frames on the sides, so there should be plenty of space.

Do you have the font size increased in your browser?

no, and no zoom, no scaling on the screen / personal settings.
Font size is medium (recommended), and even of i set it to small and reread, its the same

Oh, I missed that you are talking about the enchants.

Yeah, those are always hidden because we cap the design at 1600px max width. If you mouse over your existing item we show the enchant on the tooltip.

ok thats an explanation,
if ther is a gem and an enchant, only one is visble, no way i can hoover over the gear to see whats gem/enchant
Now if u ment :’

  1. ur suggestion is …
  2. go back to the game sispaly and see what u actually wearing ?
    I use it for like 10+ toons, and if i have like 30 crit and u suggest 40 then i will not change it (unless its my main)
    For azerite gear i can see the 4 (but not all 5), so what u do is u strt at the right margin and then display
    I think AS u can show 4 (our of 5 az raits), u shluld be able to show 2 icons (enchants/gems )

He meant if you are looking at a Best in Bags result, if you mouse over the name of one of your equipped items in the left panel, it shows the enchant that you have in the tooltip, even if you can’t see it in the table:

Also – there are options for gem/enchant threshold when optimizing that should help out with not recommending gem/enchant changes for small gains. You can try increasing the threshold if you prefer to not change gems/enchants as often.

ty for your answers/help/clarifications