Diurna Ring - undervalued?

Hoy !

Wanted to let you know the ring “Seal of Diruna’s Chosen” may be under valued. Do you mind double cheking if it does proc correctly in AMR head ?

Thank you !

Which spec? I have it flagged to only trigger for specs that do fire damage, and also a special case if you have the flaring cowl.

Yeah sorry for WW
Here is a snapshot :

What I know:

  • the tier set triggers it
  • the trinket I have triggers
  • the weapon Djaruun triggers it

It may explain why I see it undervalued

I’ll take a look… I did not code in every possible interaction for that ring, just the major things.

I’ll add the 2pc windwalker set bonus as that gives a pretty frequent triggering event for the ring.

Your trinket is only 2 rppm… and the weapon is an on-use with a 150 sec cooldown… so they will have marginal impact on the value of the ring with how rppm works.

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