"Divine Toll" behavior

It seems that using Divine Toll to deal damage doesn’t work. Looks like a bug.
Adding HolyShockDamage to the rotation doesn’t change the result.


We prefer ally targets when divine toll is cast in the simulator as a holy paladin. In the mythic+ script, there is a 5 man group, so the holy shocks all go to the allies.

If you want to simulate DPS explicitly, use the single target script instead, then it will hit the enemies.

Pure DPS simulation doesn’t suit me. It is not relevant from M+ healing.
I want simulate healing rotation, but maximize my DPS.

For Kyrian holy paladin with Seraphim + Effusive Anima Accelerator + Vanguard’s Momentum it very impotant.

And most importantly, the current behavior does not match the behavior in the game.

Also i don’t see Vanguard’s Momentum effect in Holy spec. I hope it works.

Look like Vanguard’s Momentum don’t work on Holy spec.

Holy: Simulation Report
Retribution: Simulation Report

Vanguard’s Momentum exists only in the Retribution sim.

I can add that legendary effect to Holy/Prot as well. I didn’t originally flag it as relevant for Holy.

If you are looking for a simulation that more closely represents a situation in which you are healing and doing damage - you’ll probably need to make a custom script. I think all the mechanics are implemented in the simulator that you need. The only piece missing is a script. Making a script is not easy, unfortunately… we never got to flesh out our script editor, but it is certainly possible.

Very few people use our simulator, so we generally tailor it specifically to our own needs. We use the optimizer and our mathematical models to blend the results of pure healing simulation with the results of damage simulation. That generally is able to let us pick good gear without going so far down the rabbit hole of simulation scripts.

I could try to add some logic to Divine Toll that will ignore allies that are full health, and then it should holy shock the enemies in the mythic+ script sometimes.

Yes, I have own rotation script and I will want make own fight scripts for various scenaries.

How Divine Toll should work:
If the target is the enemy then shocks should be cast on enemies. If there are less than 5 enemies, then into allies.
And vice versa for the opposite situation if target is allie.

I’m a bit limited on this one because there is a lot of complicated logic in the simulator to handle ally targeting. The fancy ally targeting is essentially what makes healing simulation possible in the first place.

What I can do is set a health threshold - so I can say: if there are 2+ injured allies below the threshold, you’re going to be casting it on allies. If there aren’t 2+ injured allies below the threshold, you’ll be casting it on enemies. That threshold is, of course, subjective. Unfortunately I can’t control it from the rotation - it will have to be controlled from the implementation of the holy shock spell. I’ll pick 85% as the threshold for now, and you can edit it as you see fit in your custom simulations.

In the rotation, you can choose not to cast Divine Toll until there are less than 2 allies below 85% health, if you want to make sure it gets used offensively, and vice versa.

It would be good.

Looks like Effusive Anima Accelerator - Spell - Ask Mr. Robot not implemented for Holy/Prot Paladins at all

No DoT damage and CD reduction

hmmm, seems like the trigger isn’t working. There’s some issue with the class covenant trigger filter that is preventing it from working for paladins. I’ll figure out how to get it to trigger.

Are there any estimates for these changes?

  1. Vanguard’s Momentum effect
  2. Effusive Anima Accelerator. DoT damage CD reduction
  3. Divine Toll damage parrern

I’m pretty sure we posted the updates to the simulator yesterday. I see the changes in there right now.

Yes, it’s work, but it seems you forgot to add Vanguard’s Momentum effectfor Holy spec


Weird, wonder if our data parser over-wrote it on me. I’ll try posting it again.