DK - BiB vs equiped

This is my current equipped gear/sim

This is what Mr. Robot suggests as BiB/sim

So the Bib recommendation results in -716 st, 1.56% loss in haste, 3.28 loss in mastery, and 1.64% loss in vers.
What is your algorithm seeing that I’m not? How can my top 3 stats being reduced result in that being the recommended best gear? I realize that 3 thousand dps is nothing, but that’s not my point. I don’t understand how that gear combination can be suggested as best with that kind of loss in my best stats.

Hey sorry I didn’t get back to you right away!!

While you are losing a handful of each of the stats you mentioned, you are gaining a giant amount of crit, your best secondary stat (using default stat weights).

Here’s how the math works out, from your gear to BiB:

Stat losses:
-682 strength x 11.13 stat weight = 7,591
-574 haste x 8.84 stat weight = 5,074
-571 mastery x 7.89 stat weight = 4,505
-764 versatility x 6.84 stat weight = 5,226
Total score loss from stats: 22,396

Stat gain:

  • 2,678 crit x 9.37 stat weight = 25,093
    The gain from crit is greater than the loss from the other stats.

Ok, what you say makes sense if I was using the default stats. Currently I am trying out your machine learning tool and the new stat weights which that program generated currently are 1000/crit, 10200/haste, 12100/mastery, and 100 vers. I have been using these weights for at least a month maybe more. The stats generated by the machine learning tool coincide with all of the other current opinions on DK gearing which favors a mastery/haste build.

So with Mr. Robot’s new stat weights he gave me my question is still the same as in my original post. What is your algorithm seeing that I’m not? How can my top 3 stats being reduced result in that being the recommended best gear?

Could the BiB tool be still using the default stats even though it shows the stats I mentioned above? If so how do I fix it?

Link me the custom setup you are using (to do that, click on the green ‘view/edit’ button above the stat weight area). Also link your best in bags string and I will run some tests.

Ok, if I did it right this is my setup.

If I did this part right this is my BiB string.

I got a new legendary since we started talking so I have new gear equipped and I will test it our tonight. But it still had a similar result…a gain of around 50 strength and a loss of about 2% in haste and mastery. The sim was 10k higher than what I had equipped, which doesn’t make sense given my custom set up. I don’t know if that is a lot or not sim wise, so I am going to give it a try in H NH.

Hey a quick question for clarification. You said the new best in bags from your custom strategy simmed higher than the gear you had equipped?

If so, that means it is working correctly (in that, the custom strategy is picking good gear).

If something else is going on, let me know. I may have misunderstood what you said - I’ve been doing sims all day and might not be reading words correctly at this point… numbers, those I got! lol.

No I think your understood correctly. I’m questioning the BiB suggestion since it seems to contradict my custom stats generated by the machine learning.

Here is my current gear sim.

Here is what was equipped before.

Mr. Robot recommends a gear set that will have me give up 2% crit, 3% haste, 2% mastery, but an increase of 69 strength. This doesn’t make sense, I know strength is my best stat but I don’t think it is that much more powerful than mastery to make this an optimal gear set up.

Also yesterday there was a 10k difference in my equipped gear and the BiB recommended gear and today there is only a 1-2k difference with makes them virtually identical.

What are you coming up with on your end?

You lose Haste and Mastery, but gain Crit and Strength. Different legendaries are also picked, so that needs to be factored into the DPS as well :slight_smile: