DK Unholy Legendary Reanimated Shambler


im new here.
when i go to BiS single target and multi target.
it tells me that Reanimated Shamble is better than Frenzied Monstrosity. why is that?
raidbots and icy veins says its the opposite. what is the reasoning for this? any ideas?


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Keeqs - Ravencrest

I can’t tell you how other sources came to their conclusions.

I can tell you that we run thousands and thousands of simulations to get data across all possible builds, then we create a mathematical model based on that data. The model smooths out the noise and predicts how well any set of gear will be.

So, in our simulator and model, shambler sims higher and scores higher. I tested that item a lot on beta because it seemed ridiculously good for unholy due to it getting multiplied by mastery. The low proc rate can be annoying, but it sure does hit like a truck.

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For my understanding: when you say “getting multiplied by mastery”, do you mean multiplied twice (shadow + pet)? Scaling quadratically with mastery seems very broken long term with ilvl increase.

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It only gets buffed once by mastery, based on the testing that I did in-game.

That makes me wonder though if I accidentally multiplied it by mastery twice in the simulator, since unholy mastery is already a generic pet damage multiplier. I’ll check it out and update if necessary.

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Hey Swol. what did you find out did it double dip mastery in the sims or does it look right?

It was double-dipping, but we’ve already re-ranked it so you should be good to go now.