Does AMR have a chart comparing all spec like simulationcraft?

I was wondering if there is a full comparaison of all spec like simulationcraft does here :

It would be quite interesting to see the difference between them, especially since AMR match real combat logs.

I would love to see if the prediction would match the rankings on wednesday for Taloc Heroic ^^

We don’t have that right now. We actually wrote some code and a webpage and everything to post it in Legion… but we decided not to.

I’m not sure if we will post it or not. It’s interesting… but also tends to really be misused a lot.

I can tell you for sure that ours is pretty different than that one :wink:

I would love to see that ^^

But I know that, theses numbers are often poorly interpreted and can lead players to think that a spec is worthless (hello Shadow Priest ?) But, as your results are way more accurate, I think that they would be able to prove some people that they are wrong about what specs are worth or not

I really think that AMR should shine more in dps simulators and unfortunatly those numbers are the referencial right now and proving everyone once and for all that your simulations are more accurates and are pretty much the same as logs could be really nice :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for your awesome work !