Does AMR have an API I can use?

I’m trying to find a way to run simulations for my raid team automatically (based on their add on imports). Some of them get overwhelmed by the options on AMR, but the output is easy enough for them to understand and follow. Also it would help with the loot optimizer if everyone was simmed using the same relevant scripts (testing with Krosus (H) right now).

Does AMR have an API I can use to accomplish this?

Not at the moment, no. Something like that is on our list of things to add in the future though.

One thing that might save you some time setting it up in meantime though, is the “import from log” option. If you have a recent log on warcraft logs for your team, you can copy a link to e.g. a person’s damage or healing report on krosus (doesn’t matter which), and it will set up the simulation.

I’d just like to note my support for the inclusion of an API.

I think it would be a great enhancement to an already brilliant service.