Does BiB check void storage or bank only?

Couldn’t easily find this answer anywhere

IIRC, it does both… but don’t quote me as 100% up to date on that. If there’s something you have in VS that (you think) isn’t being factored in, it’s better to open all repositories for a cpl. seconds each to make sure that you’ve done too much rather than not enough - possibly move one item between bank & VS to verify.

I think we changed it to not look at void storage. It used to, but now we let you “hide” items from the addon by putting them in void storage.

We used to check Void Storage back in Legion and earlier. We stopped checking it from BfA forward. Most people did not want items in void storage to be considered, which makes sense – it’s more of a place to hold items you don’t intend to use often, or that aren’t end-game relevant.

We always check your bank, bags, and anything currently equipped. You have to actually be at your bank with it open for us to scan your bank items (limitation of the game itself unfortunately), so make sure to do that once on each new character that uses the addon. After that we automatically keep it in sync every time you visit your bank.