Does double sinful revelation stack?

Since 9.1, my fury warrior is being recommended double sinful revelation instead of the usual sinful revelation & celestial guidance. Other site guides all still recommend sr/cg (albeit differing MH vs OH priority) but not double. I trust Mr Robot but want to confirm, do we know if SR stacks? With that I know next step would just be simming the dps myself.

When you use an enchant on both hands, it gives you two independent chances to proc it, so it increases the uptime. If you think the suggestion might be off, try running both options in the simulator with your gear and see what the difference ends up being. Most likely it will be very close and fall within margin of error that the optimizer could detect.

Note that it doesn’t matter which hand you put either of those enchants on – won’t impact the value of them. You won’t get double the value with 2 sinful revelation enchants, but the value does increase, so it really depends on how much better sinful is compared to celestial guidance.

As we move further into an expansion, the relative value of primary stat starts to drop a bit, so it isn’t surprising that double sinful might pull ahead for a couple specs now, and probably even more specs in the next tier of content.