Does Lava Burst overload trigger the bonus set in the sim?

I have been getting weird sim results for EleShaman (and in particular, mastery seems undervalued).

Looking at the Theorycraft wiki, for the 4P bonus (Elemental 4T28 - Spell - Ask Mr. Robot) it looks like only Lava Burst is taken into account, which is an issue, since Lava Burst overloads, from mastery, should trigger it too.

Could you please take a look, and let me know if I’m wrong?


I don’t have overloads triggering the set bonus - I wasn’t aware that they did trigger it. I could make that change… but I’d want to verify that behavior somehow. It doesn’t show up in logs as an event, so I guess I’d need some other way to verify it. I think they are doing maintenance right now, I can see if my shaman can get the gear on the PTR still.

Everything that somehow looks like a lava bolt triggers the set bonus. (Echoing Shock, Primal Wave, etc.) - Obviously, the other effects have much less impact than this one, which affects evaluation of conduits (Call of flame becomes useless past a certain mastery cap, since you have 100% uptime), of trinkets, etc.

As far as verifying, I’d like to submit my own logs from yesterday.

My first cast of Fire Elem lived until 1:26. I precast it at around 3s before pull - It lived 1:30 => Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Between the pull and 1:26, I casted 32 Lava Bolts => Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

30s + 32 * 1.5s = 1:18 - 12 seconds unaccounted for.

In the same log, I had 8 overloads => 30s + 32 * 1.5s + 8 * 1.5s = 1:30

Conclusion: Overloads do proc the set.

Thanks for the log and info - I can make the change in the simulator - it’ll affect things for some cases, but not others, since the uptime is near 100% already.

Awesome thanks :slight_smile:

How can I get the results in my BiB and Upgrade Finder? Back in the days I could run a Gearing Strategy to update results, how does it work now?