Doing ranking conduit compare with only rank 6 ends with rank 7 and rank 6 in the result

Hi !

It’s me … Again !
So this is the 3rd time i do my sims. I’m trying to do some compare between rank7 conduit and rank 6 conduit.
Each time the simulation ends, i end up with rank 7 the the Csv result file:
Here is the setup as proof :

Every soulbinds have only 6 on the right side (and the last row removed)

But in the result of the sims :

Their is conduits rank 7 as result where they should only be rank 6.
So maybe it’s because it’s a re"run" of a run that had rank 7 and the UI didn’t update ?

I’m currently re-doing the rank 6 compare from fresh to see if it’s the re-run fault.

I will see tomorow if it was the re-run that cause this.

Thanks you !

I ran a small batch (just 3 combos) to test this, and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue… both the initial setup and the re-run show the correct rank, both on the UI and in the CSV file results.

Dis you tried to do it with rank 7 first and re-run and downgrade to 6 ?

Yeah I tried a few different combinations of things… still couldn’t reproduce the issue. I tried saving it for later, then loading it, and running. Then changing the ranks, etc. If you are ever able to figure out the sequence of events that caused it to happen, let me know.

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I am able to reproduce somethings but not exactly what i was talking about before. when doing the rerunn for this sims :
In the simulator ranks for covenant speific are set to one:

(Same for every covenant)