Doing sims on beta

Here is one of the sims I did recently:

Here are my questions:

  1. Am I doing this right? I modified to make it a level 60 character (since dropping in my AMR stuff sets it to a level 120 character) deleted all of my old gear, and pretty much loaded it up with a Shadowsteel crafted set (just to get it around the right ilvl for stepping into raids)

  2. I had three sims in queue, and it’s moved on to the second while the first is stuck at ‘8404/8449 (99%) completed…’ What can I do to get this one completed? (link for reference:

You can always start from one of our generic characters, or you can load a level 60 character from the shadowlands beta via our addon if you have access (or a PTR copy of your character).

If you queue three batch simulations, it is technically possible that parts of all three batches will run in different orders – the last bit of that simulation might not finish until all of your other queued simulations complete.

Usually it will go in order, but there’s no guarantee – e.g. a transient network error could cause part of your first batch to get re-queued behind your 2nd and 3rd simulations.

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