Domination gear and shards in simulator


The simulator currently doesn’t appear to be accounting for Domination pieces or shards, as results are always returning combinations that does not include Domination gear regardless of whether or not the “maw/sanctum” box is checked. Is this to be addressed soon with ability to choose which shards are simmed together with results columns accordingly? Or, perhaps I have overlooked already implemented options for this?


The simulator does account for shards and shard set bonuses. I do have another update to enable the extra items they added yesterday that can activate the bonuses though, that will go out either tonight or tomorrow.

I don’t have any batch simulations options for shards and shard bonuses at the moment though… still on my todo list. Generally speaking, the shard effects and set bonuses are not very “interactive” though… small changes in your gear or talents won’t have a huge impact on the relative value of each shard or bonus. That is why we haven’t added any batch tools for them yet… it’s usually not that hard to decide which is best with a few spot simulations.

Thanks very much for the response, keep up the good work!

As of this moment, the simulator is not allowing me to socket anything in my gear’s domination sockets (I am using Test Combinations, and in a healing spec).

It is not showing the shards that are currently slotted, nor allowing me to select any to test. If I click the socket, it brings up the scrolling drop-down to change the piece of gear in the equipment slot.

“In Maw/Sanctum” is checked.

It works as expected in Single Sim.

Yeah I need to modify the combinations simulation tool for shards of domination still… it was originally designed with just normal gems in mind, so it would need to be reconfigured. Still on my list.