Domination shards

I know how much you love gems and shards so here’s a snapshot for you. :wink:


The suggested result is identical to what I’ve got but the robot wants me to shuffle the shards around, however if I do that when I change to Terror Turkey spec I no longer get the Unholy bonus because my legendary is in the glove slot.
I understand that is a lower priority spec and that isn’t how the optimiser works but if the import has all of them gems recommended can it not ask me to change them around please?

Also for a feral druid I’d much rather have Survivor’s Rally than Called Shot, my cat form movement speed is already 151%.

For your balance spec, you can check the “allow moving shards” option.

And yeah if you want your balance spec to reserve shards in a particular slot… you’d have to move it above your feral spec. Otherwise you get in a circular reference issue… where a higher priority spec depends on a lower priority spec depends on a higher priority spec… [server catches on fire].

Yeah but the way I’ve put the shards in works but the robot wants me to move them around.
Can you add a check, “if total optimised shards = total starting shards suggest no changes”?

I’ll see if I can add some code to check for that in the next update.