[Done] How to refresh my char?


How do I update my character? 2 out of 3 characters are not up to date at all. I have deleted from AMR and re-added, deleted the browser cache, etc. but nothing works and no button to update them

Example :


The best way to get the freshest data into the AMR system is to Export from the add-on.
Using the Armoury relies on Blizzard updating it more often than they do…

I am using the blizzard API for a personal project. I’ve just tried it and when I log out, the equipment updates almost instantly, so I don’t see what the problem is.

On the other hand, I don’t like the addon method.

So you have to wait for AMR to update the characters if I understand?

We no longer use/support the armory for character loading. You have to use the in-game addon. The armory does not give us all the information we need, and the information it gives is unreliable. Also, there is no armory for the classic version of the game.

The addon works much better for getting character information.

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Ok thanks for reply.