Don't understand the new changes

I just got used to the machine learning thing and now those stat weights are gone and I don’t understand the horizontal bar graph. Does it mean that mastery and haste are a virtual tie for my best stats? In addition the gear setup I’m using, which is based on the old machine learning stats, is simming 20k above the best in bags suggestion.


BiB recommended

Any help would be greatly appreciated

so it depends on which graphs you’re talking about.

if you’re talking about the horizontal bar graph above the BiB section, the lighter colored sections are your target ranges for each stat. builds that have those stat ranges are in the very top of possible builds.

if you’re talking about the one on the gearing strategy report screen that has a bunch of vertical bars that start red on the left and turn green as they go right, that is showing many possible distributions of stats. the more green the bars, the better the results with that distribution. this is a good way to see in general the kind of stat distributions you want by looking at which stats are high on the right and which aren’t. if you’re using BiB though, the site handles that for you.

With regards to BiB simulating to less, are you using a custom gearing strategy that was created after 7.2.5?

If so, you should lock in the legendary items you had on when creating the gearing strategy.

Once we completely finish our new default gearing strategies, choosing legendary items with higher precision will be possible.