Doomhammer showing up as best in bags?

Why when I import my information is Doomhammer showing as my suggested best in bag as enhancement shaman?

We need you to post a snapshot so we can take a look (use the “help” link right above the Best in Bags gear table). Most likely this is due to a setting or maybe you don’t have weapons with the right primary stat.


Here is my snapshot, not sure why Doomhammer would show up when attempting to find best in bags when I have 424 ilvl gear equipped?

The weapon in the offhand doesn’t have a primary stat, so that’s why that one is being removed. I’m not sure about the weapon in your main hand - seems like that ought to get equipped. I’ll look into that one - some of this low item level gear can sometimes slip through our filters because blizzard does weird stuff with the bonus ids on them.

Yeah we filter out gear that does not have your primary stat. But once we do that… you only have one weapon. We don’t allow single weapon setups for enhancement.

Just get a 2nd agility weapon and the weirdness will go away. You should be able to get one cheap or find one by just playing very quickly.