Double Lego Best In Slot Query

When running Best in Slot its showing both Lego’s at max level 291 where (correct me if I am wrong!) the memory max level is 265

SnapshotID: 4396d1ccc13d49b1bef4a07dd98afb5a

You can get 291 legendary items. If you want to see BiS with a lower level, there is a setting for the legendary item level.

Thanks, I know you can get 291 lego my question is the memory lego which I believe is locked to max 265, but BIS calculations has both the normal lego and the memory cinch at 291

It is my understanding that you can craft a Unity belt if you want, at the higher crafted ilvl and with whatever secondary stats that you want.

I think he is speaking about having the belt 265 and a legendary 291 so both at different iLvl. I guess to minimize gold spend ?

In the snapshot he provided, Best in Slot was using a 291 Unity crafted belt, which is not the same as the 265 vendor legendary (called Clasp of Unity).

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If you are revered by the enlightend you can buy a recipe wich allows you to craft the unity effect on every slot you want at ilvl 291!