Doubt in suggestions for a Prot Warry

Hello everyone,

I’m a little bit confused about the trinket suggestions from m+ Dungeons for my prot warry. Here is my paste string:

Snapshot-ID: a7dc9754fff944afaf9a130f38607016

The BiS Trinkets for Mostly TUF in m+ is “Porcelain Crab” and “Xeri’tac’s Unhatched Egg Sac” but whoever I ask these two trinkets are even the worst for a prot warry right now or at least there are many many better alternatives: Protection Warrior Gear and Best in Slot - Dragonflight 10.2 - Wowhead

So why these two trinkets are the best?

Also: The stats seems like a little bit odd. For example on wowhead the best stat is haste but askmrrobot stacks more and more mastery (which is the “worst” stat). Can you explain it to me here too?


In general, the suggestions you’ll see on the internet for tanks lean heavily towards DPS. And they almost always favor haste because people like the feel of it, even if theoretically it does not perform better.

You will probably see suggestions more like what “they” say if you move the slider closer to “Mostly DPS” – it should pick more haste, less mastery.

Very few people do true defense theory like we do, so we come up with different results. Those trinkets are pretty good if you are worried mainly about your toughness. Other trinkets I can see being preferred for damage. And in fact if you look at that guide you linked, most of the higher-ranked trinkets are either damage trinkets or raid trinkets (which you have explicitly excluded).

One trinket that is tough to rank but I’m sure people won’t like that much is Prophetic Stonescales. “Cheat death” effects have always been hard to rank – if you aren’t dying, they are useless. If you ever find yourself dying, they are the best thing ever.

As for the stats, Mastery is a strong defensive stat, but a weaker offensive stat. Thus… “they” won’t like it. But point for point, it is probably the best defensive stat for a warrior.

That said, tanks in particular have much less variance in the value of their secondary stats compared to other specs. All four secondary stats have good offensive and defensive value. You really can’t go wrong with any secondary stat build, which to me is cool. It allows you to play more to your style. If you like the extra speed of haste, go for it! It won’t significantly impact your performance even though theoretically you won’t be quite as tough – but you will do a little more damage (not a lot, but a little).

Also note that the two trinkets you already own are slightly higher item level than the Mythic+ level you are allowing, which will give them a further edge.