DPS for Classic?

So I am running with
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But I have a pretty amazing, epic, 2hander in my bags. I have no idea what to pick, whether to respec, sell it etc…As you can probably tell from my acc, I am a long term sub, over multiple expansions. Can you guys just add a feature where I can compare DPS over specs and gear for classic, if you dont want to provide explicit DPS numbers, as I have no intention of playing BFA anytime soon.

Your Classic feature also does not seem to factor in racial traits, so whilst it notices my lack of yellow hit, it still doesnt encourage me to get towards 6% hit for maces/swords as a warrior. This makes me see relative DPS numbers, but no way to see relative dps numbers between specs for my Best In Bags, so that makes Best in Bags redundant.


We do account for the racial abilities in the calculations.

I gather you have read our other posts about why we are hesitant to do anything that compares across different specs… I don’t know if that is something we will realistically be able to do or not, but we won’t rule it out.

Can you link me to the info as to why cross spec comparisons are a problem?

I have seen a few posts asking for similar about specific dps and the answer was just " we do not support that". Actual DPS wasn’t an issue for me, but now I am looking for relative dps across talents within a spec

I also threw up an issue that your dev caught and said would be fixed in the next release, but honestly, I have paid for an “upgrade” and it feels like a downgrade at the moment, as I have no interest in retail.

I’ll start with a clarification: both our retail optimizer and our classic optimizer, by design, take your talent build as an input to the optimization. We optimize your gear only for a given talent build. It has always worked like that and we have never represented or promised otherwise.

Over the years, people have asked us if we could do some sort of talent optimization as well, but we have never implemented it. For retail, we don’t really want to go there - we provide some data on our guides about the relative potential of talents. People can also use the simulator to compare talents for their character if they want to. For classic, we don’t have any data for different talents. In general, the “builds” for classic have been “figured out” and people use what they’re going to use.

I can see someone wanting to know if one talent build would do more damage than another based on the gear they have. The mathematical model we’ve created could, theoretically, give you a good idea about that for most common talent builds. Would it work for ANY build that someone could think of? I think we’d run into some edge cases that break it as-is. I’d have to make support for some lesser-used talents more robust to ensure the site would work in that capacity.

I’m not trying to be stubborn… the classic part of the site was a bit of an experiment for us. Realistically, not very many people are going to subscribe to classic. We don’t have any budget left to do more than fix bugs and add in smaller requests like we have been doing. Extending it to help people pick talents would be a larger undertaking. If a lot of people subscribe to it and ask for it, we can consider it as a feature to add. So far only a few people have asked for this feature - I’m sure more folks would think it was nifty, but it doesn’t seem to be in high demand.

If the optimizer is of no use to you in its current state, send an email to our support and ask for a refund (reference this post). We aren’t looking to stiff anyone out of money.