Dps simulations and normal distribution

I know this is a very general question but I was wondering how well the simulated dps values are approximated by a normal distribution? from the number of independent events I expect its pretty accurate due to the CLT. Are there any specs/builds that are worse / better than others?

Yes, all of the random events in the simulation are assumed to be normal.

Some specs are more volatile than others – you can check the standard deviation on the simulation reports to see which ones. I can’t remember off the top of my head which ones… Swol might recall. Tank simulations are more volatile than DPS simulations as well, by quite a bit – a lot more variables at play.

Yeah, certain specs are more volatile, like outlaw rogues (not running slice and dice), havoc (with demon blades), assassination, fury, frost mage, fire.

See the trend? Any spec with a major mechanic based on a non-rppm proc chance has a lot more volatility. Outlaw is by far the most volatile, though.