Dps traits on Mistweaver monk


On my monk (Hooffu on Silvermoon eu) the best in bags and gear check is recommending 2 dps traits on the helm (2nd and 3rd ring). This to me seems off since there is better traits than the ones selected.

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Do you have your DPS spec set to a higher priority (the list on the left)? That would cause the optimizer to pick DPS traits first on any shared items across your specs.

Nope, but i just noticed that this only happen on my strategy, if i use one of the default ones, i get the right traits. Maybe i need to sim it again due to the trait changes.

You would need to share your strategies and export string, so we could take a look.
Honestly, you should use default gearing strategies their mutch more complete and functionnal than custom one.

I ended up doing this. So, i guess this topic is solved.

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