& DPS what it mean

Ok, so I assume that the higher the %DPS the better (this is when I do a best in bags to equip new gear)
But it seems that when I equip the gear, the %DPS number goes down!
So, what does it really mean.

Also, on my warlock (Padlok) who is a Destruction, Mastery is the least favored stat (according to icy-veins and nox) but AMR has me equipping gear which is putting me at around 65% Mastery!

I;m still leveling up, currently 105.
So, what does the % DPS mean (higher better?) and is the Destruction BiBs working ok?

If you post your export from the addon we can take a look at your best in bag.

We have all new gearing strategies coming tomorrow for the patch, sonit would probably be best to just wait until tomorrow, especially with destruction.

Mastery is the best stat, and has been for all of 7.2. I’m not sure yet what it will be for 7.2.5, but we are calculating that tonight. Other sites don’t favor it for two main reasons:
1.) lots of people just don’t like how random it is, even though it averages out to be very strong. This is changing somewhat in 7.2.5.
2.) they are all basing their stats on simulations run using a different simulator than us, simc. That other simulator is less accurate for warlocks, and on top of that they are using much less sophisticated techniques to pick the stats.

For gear advice that matches simulation results, Ask Mr. Robot is the gold standard. It usually takes a long time for the other sources of information to catch up to us, if they ever do.

Ok, so the “+% DPS” means the amount of DPS increase ( - or decrease ) that will take place after equipping the recommended gear.
So, if I have 3 gear to replace and it telss me +20%DPS, that how much increase in DPS I will get if I replace all three, if I only replace 1 of the pieces and I run the BiB again and it now states "+15%DPS, it just means that the 1 piece I did replace already gave in 5% out of the original 20% and the reaming 2 pieces are the 15%.

Is that correct?

I had your service a few years back when I played and it seemed like the interface was better (easier) for me anyway. Such as, I could turn off gems/enchants for BiB, since I’m currently leveling, I don’t intend to invest in gems or enchants.

I’m sure there is a way to still do it but I have not been able to figure out how, I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SPEND HOURS TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT, that’s why I’m a paying subscriber!

Also, consider “tooltips/explanations” when something is moused over (such as the “+%DPS” number, I’m probably the only one that it took a day for the meaning to dawn on me, it would have helped with a tooltip


We just added the score a couple days ago – still tweaking it. The concept is pretty simple:

Say your equipped gear scored as 1000.
Then you run best-in-bags, now it scores 1100.

So the percent gain is 100/1000 = 10%, so we would show +10% DPS.

If it ever shows a negative score, that is usually because you changed your spec priority. For example if I decide to change my main spec from Protection to Retribution, and move Retribution to the top of my spec priority, then run my Protection best-in-bags again, it might gem/enchant things for Retribution instead. So my Protection score will go down (because I’ve decided it’s not as important as Retribution now), but my Retribution score will go up.

If you are a lower-level character (below 110 and/or do not have your artifact weapon), all bets are off… the scoring won’t really mean that much. We’ll probably add code to hide it until you get max level and an artifact.

As for changing settings – the first time you visited the site, it should have shown a help overlay describing the stuff on the UI. You can always view it again by scrolling to the very top of the web page, then pressing the blue “Help” button in the upper-left. If you do so, it tells you that the filter/funnel icon in the top-middle of the screen has all the settings. Go in there, and you can set gem/enchant option to “None”.