Dragonflight 10.0.5 Patch Update and WotLK Bug Fixes

The site will be updated sometime late tonight or in the morning tomorrow for the Dragonflight 10.0.5 patch. We’ll likely try to wait until during or just after maintenance tomorrow since talents will be incompatible for many specs between the pre- and post- patch versions of the game.

Talent Updates

Many of the talent trees were updated in this patch, so it is likely that your talents will be blank the first time you use the site after the patch. Remember to update your talents to get correct optimizations!

In-game, be sure to activate each of your specs once and set appropriate talents. If you use Blizzard’s save talent loadouts, be sure to check and update each of those as well. Then export to the website again. This should update your setups with the last-seen talents from in-game.

If you have multiple setups for a spec with different talents for each of those setups, please make sure to check that each of your setups has the correct talents set after the patch!

Addon Update

Version 121 will be released with the site update. The only real change is another attempt to get disenchanting from the junk window to work… hopefully this one does it!

Generic Characters

If you use the generic/template characters, they might have blank talents after this update. Don’t worry about it for now – we will generate new generic characters for Dragonflight with some decent default talents after the 10.0.5 patch. And as always, don’t think of the generic characters as a recommendation, they are just a starting point if you don’t have a character of your own to load into the optimizer.

WotLK Updates

We have fixed several issues with WotLK in this update as well. A couple minor bugs, some missing item data and filtering, etc.

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The site update is now live!

Note that the Upgrade Finder catalyst search will be enabled again sometime this week now that it is available in-game.

We just published an initial version of the Catalyst Upgrade Finder search.

We also added the Drakebreaker War Mode PvP items to our lists as the ilvl385 versions of these can be catalyst inputs.

Let us know if you run into any issues – obviously we have not tested any of this against live yet because the servers are down!

might be a good time to reapproach the changing talents.

  • The loadout slash commands (/loadoutname, /loadoutindex, /specname, /specindex) are now localized.

Just in case talent updates were supposed to have been pushed to the site already-
Druid class and feral spec (unsure of others) talents did not update to what is now in-game.

I’ll take a look – something must be cached on the live site since that’s not what I see on my dev site! Probably a version number somewhere that I missed.

Okay, it’s updated now. Not sure if you did something or just magic. But, it’s fixed.

I bumped the version – yeah sorry about that, it was still loading the previous talent version instead of the latest for displaying the trees.

Upgrade finder for Catalyst suggesting I upgrade an item that can’t be upgraded with the Catalyst.

Snapshot: e33426faa3034252885d7e0ff97c69d4

Suggests upgrading Crown of Roaring Storms > Vault Delver’s Vizard

We’ll do an update today that filters out items below Mythic 2 for the dungeons in this season’s rotation.

Any chance to include the new items from the Primalist Future Event vendor? i.e. Chronologically Unstable Loop item id 201960

We can add those items in the next update.

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