Dragonflight 10.1.5 Patch Updates

Sometime in the next few hours our 10.1.5 site update will go live!

Talent Changes

Many talent trees changed, so be sure to update your saved talents on all of your Best in Bags setups. There is a good chance they had to be reset to blank with this site update.

Augmentation Evokers

You will be able to load and optimizer the new Augmentation spec! We are certain Blizzard will do some tuning over the next couple of weeks, and they always sneak in some changes with the live data (we based this on PTR), so we’ll keep an eye on it and do frequent updates this week and next.

Dawn of the Infinite

The new Mega-dungeon Dawn of the Infinite has its own Upgrade Finder search, and all trinkets have been estimated. Some will need a little in-game testing to tweak over this week.

Time Rifts

The new trinkets from Time Rift events have been estimated and will show up in item lists, and there is a checkbox to include them in Best in Slot results.

Onyx Annulet Nerfs

The damaging effects of the Onyx Annulet were reduced by 40% in this patch. Those changes will appear in our update.

Other Updates

There were many balance changes and big updates to mages, holy paladins, and several other specs. We have implemented all changes, but we expect to find a few hidden ones once the servers go live with the final version. We’ll update as needed this week.

ITS broken only shows evokers

I’m going to need more information… what specifically isn’t working for you? I’m able to load and optimize with any class and spec.

On my devastation evoker after the new patch I am suddenly being told to equip my Onyx Annulet. Last patch I had replaced it a while ago. I am surprised to see that after it being nerfed I am suddenly asked to put it back on. Is everything right with this change? It feels wrong to put this wrong back on. Yet that is what the sim is asking me to do.

I did put the new spec above devastation with the order. But I put devastation back on top and it still wants me to use the Onyx Annulet.

EDIT: Figured it out, it was because my talents had been reset in game. User error.

We posted another site update with a few bug fixes and trinket ranking tweaks. The new healer trinket Echoing Tyrstone is extremely overpowered in-game right now… we updated the ranking to reflect this… we feel it is highly likely Blizzard will adjust it.

Addon Talent Swapping

We have updated the way that the addon handles swapping talents when you change your setup. Before this update… it didn’t work very well. The best we could manage was creating a loadout called “AMR Latest Setup” which you could manually activate if you wish – it didn’t actually change your talents due to annoying limitations in the API that Blizzard makes available for the post-10.0 talent system.

In this newest update, we no longer create any talent loadouts in-game, and changing setups in the addon should activate the same talents that you had chosen on the website for that setup. Please note that you may need to wait a couple seconds without moving your character – both changing spec and changing talents has a cast time. So first your character will cast spec change, then cast talent change. Sometimes there will be no cast time for talent change if you already have those talents selected.

Please let us know if you run into any issues, but we think this should work a lot better for people now.

And as always, you can completely disable the talent swapping behavior on the addon Options tab if you don’t like it.

Time Rift Vendor Shi Everbreeze (/way 50.98 56.66) has i402 weapons and armour (in return for a Dilated Time Capsule). These are an upgrade for this alt. Are there plans to add these to the upgrade compare lists please?

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We can add these items to the time rift event gear. I’ll add a Time Rifts search under “more searches” for the upgrade finder as well.