Dragonflight 10.1 Patch Updates

Today we will update the site for Dragonflight patch 10.1! The site update will go live sometime this afternoon, ideally before Blizzard brings the servers back up.

If you encounter a bug, please make a separate post with your snapshot ID created via the “help” links next to each major section header on the website, and a description of the issue. If someone else has encountered the same issue, add your snapshot to their existing post – more test cases are always good!

Blizzard loves to sneak in changes right as these patches go live, so expect a few more updates this week.

New Items

We have added all new items from the typical sources (raids, M+ dungeons, crafting, new world boss). If any items are missing that you would like to see in e.g. the Upgrade Finder, let us know! We’ll keep an eye on it once the patch goes live as well.

Upgrade Finder

The old Valor search has been replaced by the new Flightstones/Crests search. It works much the same way.


All optimization models and rankings have been updated for the patch. There are a few specs we’re still reviewing and tweaking, but the current code should be a good first pass.


Several specs had talent changes, so your saved talent builds will not be valid. Please double check that your saved Best in Bags setups have the correct talents chosen, or you will get weird results!


Hi there AMR team! I have a few feature requests after setting up my other two specs for 10.1. Let me know what you think:

  1. In BiB, add a small text field associated with the talent build that allows the user to describe where they sourced it. Previously, I had an in-game loadout for each build and selected that in BiB, but ran into the in-game loadout cap once “AMR Latest Setup” came into play for each spec. I’m fine always keeping that loadout active, but I like to remember whether I based my e.g. Guillotine AOE build on Kalamazi, IV, etc. so I can keep an eye on the right page for updates or not get flustered when a different page’s build differs significantly from my selections. This field could be reasonably short; maybe the same length Blizzard allows for their loadout names?

  2. As an alternative to the class guide pages, could you publish explanations of the new formulaic spec optimizers? I don’t know if you consider these more proprietary than the old format but I’ve always appreciated having a high level sense of how you’re examining a spec, and it’s often more helpful for tweaking both my talent preferences and gameplay than the format used in other guides.

  3. Would it be possible to have a checkbox in the Flightstone upgrade finder to limit the search to the number of crests in my bag? For instance, say I finish raid night with 2 Drakes and 1 Wyrm, and gear at assorted ilvls below 431. If I set my search to a max of 431, the list might prioritize getting my 415 gloves to 428, but that would cost 3 Drakes, which I can’t do. I’d be happy to manually input the crests I have, in case reading inventory and parsing out fragments is too much. I’m sure there are corner cases around the discounted upgrades for each slot, but working with worst-case costs would be plenty viable IMHO.

Thanks for your time, and all the great work on these tools!

  1. I take it that the name of your BiB setup itself is not sufficient for this purpose? Or am I not quite following?

  2. We would like to publish some pages with more details on how each spec is being calculated as time permits – we seem to be perpetually a little behind on new features though given that Blizzard is putting out updates more often this expansion, and we’re maintaining WotLK as well.

  3. We plan to add something to the flightstone/crest search like we had before that lets you look at things ranked by absolute upgrade and also by “gain per crest spent” in some way – it’s a bit trickier with the different kinds of crests and potential discounts… but it’s on the short list of features to add sooner rather than later, especially if Blizzard decides to keep this system around for a while.

I take it that the name of your BiB setup itself is not sufficient for this purpose? Or am I not quite following?

  1. Correct, at least ideally. I prefer to stick to eg “Demo RST” for “Raid Single Target” so I can pick the right setup at a glance. The source only matters when I’m revising my choices, and due to loadout limits I’m not going to have to RSTs from different sources in-game at once. Beyond preference, it’s a little more awkward to update the name in the UI vs an always-fillable field, and I believe changing names may leave equipment sets behind? I haven’t tested that directly but I did have a small number of sets I had to clean up last night. Personally I think there could be value in having some space in-app to note decisions & alternatives or other little metadata that could be helpful when deciding to modify a setup. But the downsides probably outweigh the upsides as the textbox gets bigger.

  2. Glad to hear it. I know the work is never done! Just figured I’d cast a vote in case y’all weren’t sure you wanted to etc.

  3. Sounds good! I agree it’s tricky all around; it’s honestly a little bit of bookkeeping for the player no matter what. I love the system but I hope they find a way to differentiate the crests more or something.

In theory the addon should sync all equipment sets for the character when you import from Best in Bags. If you add/remove/rename it shouldn’t cause any issues. If you have a situation where that doesn’t seem to be working let me know.

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