Dragonflight - Best In Bag ignores per spec gear preferences

It seems that it doesn’t matter what is selected on gear preferences, at least regarding “Enchant filter”. Only the settings for the first one are used. If select all enchants for the first spec and none for a second spec, my second spec will have enchants applied on the result screen.

It seems I made a bit too hasty assumption. Only the option of “None” is ignored on specs other than the first one.

I would have to see your exact setup - you could post a snapshot if you want (use the “help” link above the gear table to create one).

If a higher priority setup has enchants applied, lower priority setups will assume you already have those enchants on your gear. So even choosing “none” would still show your gear with the enchants applied by any higher priority setup.

Has it always been like that? Because I’m pretty sure I used to have some setups with enchants (main specs) and others without (off-specs).

Yes it has always been like that. If you have a high priority spec that uses your [Chestplate of Strongness] and enchants it, then you have a lower priority spec that you tell to use no enchants, but it also thinks the [Chestplate of Strongness] is the best item, it will use it and leave the enchant as-is. You would never un-enchant an item for a lower priority spec/build, even if the enchant wasn’t that great for that spec/build.