Drakebreaker items missing in several places

I noticed before already that you couldn’t pick any of the “Drakebreaker” items when searching for PVP upgrades, just the regular Aspirant/Gladiator stuff.
Now I just wanted to add some of those items to my bags manually via the “Add to my bag” feature in the Upgrade Finder tool; however, those pieces cannot be found, not for a single slot.

For clarification: Drakebreaker items are ilvl 366 items with a 2-/4-/6-piece bonus aimed at PVP and are purchased with Bloody Tokens from Fieldmaster Emberath in Valdrakken; they can also be upgraded to ilvl 385 via Trophy of Strife, obtained from the weekly “Sparks of Life” quest.

I think it would be beneficial if we were able to select both which base items are the best/biggest upgrade (using Bloody Tokens) as well as which item was the biggest upgrade for Trophy of Strife.
Additionally, it would be nice if the base+upgraded items were available to add manually to the bag.

We can look into adding those item sources so that these items appear in searches.

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They now appear. Thanks!