Drastic drop of recommended hit with prolonging fight duration

Hello, it’s me again. Don’t be mad O:)


@Swol, talents are fixed now, Inspiring presence selected and no custom thresholds enforced :+1:

It seems that with 300sec duration it goes for just 9% spell hit chance instead of 15 and pushes for haste and SP instead. Also, meta gem gets ignored despite already being in the helmet (it suggests going with an empty meta socket instead). I know I can add the meta gem there manually ofc, just reporting here.

However, when I switch to 150 sec it goes to 15.74% spell hit chance (over capped while using an orange hit+SP in a red socket).
120 sec 15.59% spell hit chance, still same problem with a red socket as above.

note that on 150 sec it says 15.74% is 186 hit while with 12,64hit/1% it should be around 198.6

I checked websites like TBC Warlock DPS Stat Priority and Attributes Guide - Burning Crusade Classic 2.5.1 - Guides - Wowhead
TBC Warlock guide (Level 70) - Legacy-WoW - Addons and Guides
or TBC Classic Destruction Warlock Stat Priority - TBC Classic - Icy Veins (icy-veins.com)
I’m not most knowledgeable warlock there is but the hit seems to be straightforward.

looking at the 300sec duration, 9.09 hit chance is there represented 102 hit rating while 9% should be 113.58ish. Could the hit value be wrong somewhere?

There isn’t a problem with the calculation for hit - that is a straight forward calculation. What you are seeing is that on shorter fights, hit is more valuable.

The reason for this is because of DoTs. If all you did was cast shadow bolt the entire fight - when you miss, that shadow bolt does 0 damage. It won’t change what spells you cast or how often you cast them. So, miss is effectively a multiplier on your damage: shadow bolt DPS * (1 - miss chance).

DoTs are different. When you miss, you have to cast the spell again. If you never missed, you wouldn’t do that. So not only does that cast do zero damage, you know also miss out on a partial cast of your filler spell (shadow bolt/incinerate). The shorter the fight, the higher that cost is.

I can probably smooth it out and lessen this effect in the optimizer. The way I have it implemented now is going to be prone to larger swings based on combinations of fight length and spell hit. I’m guessing people would prefer a more consistent result.

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