Druid balance - Starlord sims

I noticed that AMR and Raidbots recommend completely different things for my Starlord Druid.


  • Sims incarnate talent higher than Starlord (even on long boss sims)
  • With Starlord chosen and 2x expedient corruption. It still recommends Incarnate. But also prefers a trinket without haste (Crit trinket from Raden - heroic) vs something like dragonscale from wrathion (mythic)


  • Recommends Starlord over Incarnate by about 1200dps
  • With Starlord chosen sims dragonscale ~600 dps above the Crit trinket

Icy Veins / Wowhead

  • Tend to recommend Starlord

Are we sure the sim model in AMR is correct for a balance (Starlord) druid?

The simc rotation does a slightly more complex set of logic around optimizing starlord. The total improvement as a percentage of overall DPS is relatively small compared to the simpler set of logic that I prefer to use/recommend for players.

This slight difference is enough to tip the balance on when starlord is “better” than incarnation. Most players aren’t going to get maximum use out of starlord. I avoid rotation logic that is overly complex unless it gives a huge gain and becomes the play style that every player is attempting to use. Most players do not know how to get even as much out of starlord as my slightly simpler optimization does.

Incarnation, being a long cooldown, is one of those talents that will be very strong or feel kind of “meh” depending on how particular encounters time up. That is really what will decide between these two talents. I think that the gear we recommend for starlord builds will ultimately be better for most players. If you think that you can squeeze out a bit more DPS with different trinkets or a bit more haste, use the customize feature to push the optimizer towards your preferred direction.

When I have more time I could probably take a look and explain the exact differences between the two models and how they are playing starlord. I’m generally looking for players to avoid casting starsurge when starlord is close to dropping off if they are not maxed out on astral power.

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I’d be very interested in this breakdown/explanation.
I’m currently working on mythic Il’gynoth and it’s not melee friendly. :frowning:


i have been simulating both incarnation and starlord for my characters and notice the discrepancy with raidbot. thank you for this form and the clarification. But was also wondering if the sims take into account the damage reduction streaking stars gets when incarnation talent is taken?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t normally play Terror Turkey so I wasn’t aware there was a reduced damage from Streaking Stars, after reading your post I went and looked at the Theorycraft Wiki to see.


Sure enough there is a reduction.
Given the AMR simulator uses the wiki the answer is, Yes, the simulator takes into account the damage reduction.

Great thanks! also wondering if the sims take into account changes to corruption damage with stat changes the reason I ask in-game the damage numbers in the tooltips don’t change. sorry if is probably the wrong place to ask…

Yeah simulations take all that into account

Did you get anywhere with this @Swol?
I’m getting my arse kicked by the other Terror Turkey in the raid, sure it’s his main spec but he’s playing on a potato!
Even the occasional raider has me beat, when he’s free to play.

I mean, I know what is going on - just haven’t written anything up yet. Might make a blog post about it for kicks.

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I would love to see a blog post about it