Druid Convoke the Spirits ability

I would like to get as many details as possible about Convoke and how targeting/spell logic and all of that works.

Convoke is a tough spell… here are the rules we’re using, which seem to get close enough to what we see in-game but probably isn’t exactly how it works.

For each spec we have an “exceptional” spell, a list of “good” spells, and a list of “bad” spells. For example for moonkin:

exceptional: new moon
good: starsurge, starfall, moonfire, wrath
bad: regrowth, rejuv, rake, thrash

When, you cast convoke, it kicks off a timer that normally ticks 16 times over 4 sec, casting a spell on each tick. The celestial spirits legendary modifies this to 12 times over 3 sec.

On each tick, there is about a 2.5% chance to use the exceptional spell, doubled to 5% if you have celestial spirits. As far as we know there’s nothing in the spell data with these chances, so we estimated based on some in-game testing.

If the exceptional spell isn’t cast, we pick one of the “good” or “bad” spells randomly, favoring “good” spells about 3x as often as bad spells (so about 3 of every 4 spells cast is a “good” spell).

There are a few other rules we implemented based on testing:

  • Tiger’s Fury is only cast if the player doesn’t already have the buff
  • Starfall is only cast if it’s not already going
  • DoTs cast on a random target, but only if it can get full duration by refreshing in the 30% window, or isn’t already ticking on the target
  • Thrash (Bear) casts on a random target with less than 3 stacks
  • HoTs cast on a random injured ally as long as they don’t have it or it can be refreshed in the 30% window
  • Other heals cast on random allies, favoring lower health allies
  • Offensive spells cast on a random target in range of that spell
  • New Moon always uses the Full Moon effect

If the chosen spell fails to meet a criteria above, a different spell is chosen until one is found that can be cast (e.g. if it picks a melee spell and no targets are in melee, a different spell is chosen).

If you know of any other details or tweaks we should implement, I’m happy to adjust it as necessary. This seemed to get close enough to what I saw in my in-game testing, but any changes Blizzard might make to this logic won’t show up in spell data diffs, so it’s hard to keep track of any hidden tweaks they might make.

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