Druid Guardian WotLK pre-raid BiS questions


I found this, it might me somewhat related, I dont know.

I move my TUF slider from somewhat to mostly and to all, to see what it is changing.

I only have 1.88% hit
I only have 24 expertise

In any case it always seems to prefer the Titanium Earthguard Chain over items with more stamina and providing hit, dodge, parry and/or expertise.

I am about to get into Naxx as main tank. I would think I would be better off with more hit and expertise as long as it doesn’t hurt my toughness stats too much?

I don’t quite understand why it does what it does. If an item provides more stamina with hit and defense stats, wouldn’t it be more preferable than something with just strength and attack power? The Titanium neck piece has a gem slot, but then it puts agil+stam in there.

Why isnt the optimizer at least trying to get hit and expertise capped?

I think I understand that going for hit “no matter what” might sacrifice so much other stats that I actually become a worse tank than I am now, but I don’t think the above example is that case.

Could you help me understand what is happening please?


I think it is choosing that necklace because you can get more stamina with it than any other option with your filters (due to the socket and socket bonus). It was requested that we heavily favor stamina for bear druids above all else. I’m actually still not favoring stamina as much as some people would like… I think they go a little overboard.

Hit and expertise aren’t of much value for toughness… you would need to go more towards a DPS build for those stats to rank higher. The only way to make the optimizer get hit/expertise capped while also ranking defensive stats highly is to force it. You can do that with the customize tab if you wish.

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