Druid Legendary Mishap

I recently got the Feral Legs (Fiery Red Maimers) and after using BiB, on my Guardian Spec, it wants me to equip them over my Guardian’s Elize’s Everlasting Encasement.

They are the exact same Stats. The only different is Elize’s have something useful for Guardian while the Feral does not. AMR BiB asked me to put the Feral ones on for some reason. This is obviously some kind of Bug because same stats = use the one with an actual useful ability.

Are you using a custom gearing strategy?

We’re working on dealing with some issues with tank gearing strategies that stems from the problem that once you are so tough that you never die… the gear you choose doesn’t really matter, so the optimizer ends up picking gear at random.

Wait, really? How do we know when the optimizer doesn’t think that? Because I’ve just been chalking up that BiB not telling me to wear 4 pc even though it sims higher was due to it not normally simming well or some other oddity.

What happens is that as your toughness increases, your death chance goes down. That’s a huge part of the “score” we use. Once you have zero death chance… things get weird. Increasing your “toughness” has very little effect on the score we give the gear. Bizarre things can happen like… you put on slightly worse gear and then get a better score because you can mitigate more damage.

We’re working on smoothing this out. Our current idea is to make the scoring of gear for tanks a composite between death chance and DPS. So, as you become tougher and tougher - the gear that increases your DPS becomes more and more important. This would then let us make a smooth transition at the point where you just can’t die, and give gear a good score regardless.

I’m using the Beta Machine Learning strategy.

The Lgd for Feral has 0 Effect in Guardian, so it really shouldn’t put on the Feral ones over my Guardian ones because they are the exact same stats. At least I can use the effect from the Guardian ones.

I don’t know if you guys edited or just my new piece of gear changed the BiB, but it’s now telling me to equip the Guardian Lgd Legs over the Feral Lgd Legs.