Drums missing in consumables

Can we have LW drums added to consumables too? There are Drums of battle and Greater drums of battle for haste. Not sure how much are the other drums used. But since Elemental shaman seems to scale best with destruction potions instead of mana potions and therefore there’s a lot of mp5 and int on gear and gems/enchants to sustain it, it looks very relevant to include haste buffs that increase the mana demand.

Edit I know the range is quite small on the Drums of battle but I’m the one poping those so it seems quite relevant as I know Ill have the buff.

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Hello, are we getting any update on this?

This one is a lot of work to implement. We have the bloodlust buff implemented, which was a lot of work also. Adding another big temporary haste buff would take quite a while. If we see more of a demand for it, we can add it, but right now we have it on the backburner. It has to be handled specifically in every spec’s scoring function.