Dual Spec Talents Import

In the TBC Sim the Import from Addon to Website was not overwriting the talents.
At the moment If I import with the Retri Spec from my Paladin it overwrite the Talents for the Protection Spec in the WotlK. So if I have new Items and look for the new BIB it Simulates always the Protection Setup with Retribution Talents. I tried also to manualy create the talents for Protection, but the next import its overwritten again.

It shouldn’t overwrite a setup’s talents when you import… if you could post a snapshot ID (via the “help” link next to Best in Bags section header), and also the string you are copying from the addon to the website that is causing the talents to be overwritten, I can recreate your case and take a look.

I’m a little bit confused. I tried it again. Changed Manualy the Protection Talents, importet from addon and it did not happen again.