Dungeons and underbog

I have a suggestion.
When doing the upgrade finder for tbc classic, it would be great, if it showed how many upgrades each dungeon has, so you don’t have to search through each of them… :blush:

And second… I think there’s some gear from underbog heroic showing, even though the heroic mode isn’t ticked :blush:

Which particular items do you think aren’t classified heroic vs. normal correctly? We can take a look at them.

You can type “underbog” into the search box at the top of the list to see only results from the underbog.

Well… All the level 70 gear (ilvl 115) but I might be wrong. I’ll take a look when I get home :blush:

Yeah. I’m just too lazy too search :rofl:

So a list with every dungeon ranked by the most loot upgrade wise, maybe even with drop rates taking into consideration :blush: