Duplicate Weapon Enchant

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With the raid opening on Tuesday I’m starting to look in to gems and enchants. AMR is suggesting my tank spec dual wield and apply the sinful enchant to both weapons. That seems like a significant change from Legion/BfA where you had to use different enchants to get maximum benefit. Is this a bug or is it a definite change from Legion/BfA? I looked around on wowhead and didn’t see anything about this.

Korra (aka Bill)

When you dual-wield proc enchants, each hand has a separate chance to proc, effectively doubling the chance for it to trigger (which won’t exactly double the uptime on this enchant due to overlap, but gets pretty close).

If two different enchants are of similar value, it is thus usually a tad better to use two different ones. If one is a bit better than the others, using two of it can be better.