Duplication Bug with Azerite Gear?

It would appear that AMR thinks I have two Soulspun Casque and Deadguard’s Pauldrons when I only infact have 1 of each. I notice all of this in this order…

-AMR addon held onto the information that I had them (while they were in my bank) and thus made recommendations to use them.
-Withdrew them from bank and set up my Ret spec
-Set up Prot spec when I noticed it needed me to “reforge” my Azerite but instead it shows two of the same items.
-Did a /reload Went back to bank, reopened it and it seemed to refresh the addon code properly.

I wish I still had the “wrong” code but I dont. Just think theres a bug within withdrawing (or depositing for that matter) from your bank. Thanks!

After you withdrew those items from the bank, did you re-Export your data-string to BiB…?

There can sometimes be a lag on reading the bank if you open/close it too quickly, or get a latency spike. Opening the bank again for a few seconds will usually clear it up.

Yes, it would continuously export a bad code until I opened my bank again. It could have been a lag spike, just didn’t know if it was a known bug or not, ya know? As for opening and closing too quickly, I didnt think it was too quick? Im not too sure there.