E not showing beside all equipped gear in Addon

Hi there,

Thanks for this awesome addon and web site! Can’t live without it.

I have 2 specs that I maintain gear for. When I have a few items of new gear, I use Best in Bags, then import back into the addon.

At this point, my goal is to be able to identify which items I no longer need - i.e. ones that don’t belong to either gear set. But I’m not finding a way to achieve this easily.

[1] One way is to enable creation of Gear Sets. This tags each item with the Spec it belongs to, and I can quickly find items that don’t belong to a set. However, I have to delete the sets ever time, because AMR addon doesn’t seem to update them once they exist. So that gets quite cumbersome to get them re-created for both specs.

[2] The other way I could swear was working before is to forget about the Gear Sets, and just use the Gear tab in the addon. I can switch specs outside the addon, then come back in and see which items are / are not equipped for each set. This helps identify which items are required for the other spec (to keep), and which can go. However, I have items that are equipped, but it’s not showing E beside it. And it’s only because I have slightly different azerite powers chosen (and prefer not to change all that, as I frankly don’t care that much in my off set). If a piece of gear is equipped, should it not say E?? If its details don’t match the optimized version, it can show in bold to indicate that it’s not quite right, but don’t say it’s not equipped. That’s just wrong.

So I have to resort back to method 1 above, and it’s very cumbersome. It’s possible that method 1 doesn’t appear to be working for the same reason. When I equip the Gear Set, then check in AMR and see that some of the items have not been equipped, it makes me think the Gear Set is wrong.

Can we show E if an item is already equipped regardless if it doesn’t have identical artifact powers?


I’ll have to ask @yellowfive about that one, since he makes the addon. I think that we use the azerite traits to actually identify the item, since people often have multiple copies of the same item in their bags that they keep for different specs. That might be why it isn’t considered “equipped” until the traits match.

Ok please let me know, but that makes a lot of sense. I can see how some people who are serious about maxing multiple specs would use that. But for plebes like me, it’s just plain confusing to have an item equipped and not showing as equipped.

How about when there’s only one of them, go ahead and assume that’s the one, and show it as equipped, even if it has different azerite stats.


Hi !
Just to give my point of view about it:
Personnaly, i put every piece of gear in my bank and from time to time AMR will take one item out for my 3rd or 4th spec. If my average item level (currently 411 in main spec) is higher then 20 iLvl i sell the item in my bank.
Otherwise i’m using Adibag (it will group item per spec) so if any item are used in my spec or high ilvl i dont delete it.
at the end of each patch i do a clean up of my bank of any old item i still have i’m not using anymore.