Editing default rotation on sim page w/out cloning it first can bug account

Hi there! Glad to have forums access again - My login hadn’t been working here for about a year and a half lol. Anyhow! On to this particular bug…

So, if you forget to ‘clone’ the default rotation, and instead edit / save what’s already there, the sim page saves some sort of error-state to your login and won’t let you select any rotations from the drop-down. I’ve tried clearing my cache, and logging in from other browsers. So it seems to be some state that’s saved on the server-side. Here’s the error code: 47ecece70e474f1ea225aa20faa7987b

Everything functions normally when you’re not logged in, but then you can’t customize the rotation.

I’ll take a look at that – yeah it should require you to copy the rotation first, so it’s probably getting into a wacky state. I’ll fix that in an update today.

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I also deleted the record causing the error for you, so you should be able to use it again, just avoid that issue until I update.

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Was about to go here and report this bug as well. As I managed to do this…
My ticket number is: 7ca2e457978b47ceb8b62607457ff13d

I posted an update that should fix this issue.

(It also has a few other things polished up, e.g. the mythic+ filter in the item list works now, and if you are importing a character, you can toggle looking at the full list vs. just your bags now.)

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Sounds great! Thanks for the quick fix :smiley: